Saturday, 6 March 2010

Update report: Painting Praetorian Ogryn's

So first of all, sorry for such a long break in posting, rotten weather and feeling rotten due to illness have meant not much painting has got done, still heres an update on my now mainly complete praetorian ogyrns.

As with my troops the blues are necron abyss highlighted with mordian blue washed first with very watered down badab black then once dry washed with asurmen blue.
The reds are mechrite red highlighted with blood red and washed with gryphonne sepia then baal red. This double wash tecnique makes the models look really good for a table top army without spending all the time that multiple mixes of paint and highlighting mechrite red through blood red and up to solar macharius orange would.

Flesh is tallern flesh washed with ogryn flesh then tallern-bronzed flesh highlights then once again with more bronzed flesh and a final highlight with bleached bone added to the mix.

Marbo's picks didnt come out so ill post some once hes finished painting along with completed pics of these.