Sunday, 14 March 2010

Praetorian Ogryns, final(?) three progress report

So ive added the bionic eye and head plate to the bonehead. Ive also done one more standard ogyrn with a full length coat who I still want to put a helmet on. Finally the standard bearer with another half length coat who will probably be left bare headed.

These still need ripper guns (ork shootas that i'm waiting to arrive) although I'm not sure if I'll add one to the belt/back of the standard bearer or not. I'll be doing banner concept sketches this week, any thoughts or ideas are more than welcome, thanks to Gotthammer for some great ideas so far!

I also wanted to say thanks to those whove commented anything so far, i really appreciate your interest, ideas (and compliments!). Another special thanks to those who have decided to follow my blog, really means alot that your all interested enough to come back and have a further look, 10 followers already is beyond all my hopes. You've slaughtered my secret fear that I'd be posting pics and text for myself for three months and noone would notice until I got bored and gave up. So again, many thanks to everyone for making this fun for me and helping me keep up the painting and modelling and to anyone who joins in the future!


  1. I'm sure we're just the first of many, many followers to come. Yours is an original concept, and very well realized.

    I love the pith helmets & always look forward to future posts :)

  2. Thanks very much mate, im chuffed :)