Friday, 30 April 2010

Blood angels colour schemes, Dark or Light?

So i know that i want to paint up a blood angels army, ive got a whole bunch of older space marine models just waiting for conversion/assembly/painting and itl give me a rest from regimented Praetorian colours once in a while, but then the dilema, what colours to use:

Candidate One:

This is Mechrite red, heavy washed with Thraka Green, then highlighted with mechrite red, and then blood red. This will also tie in nicely with the one unit of flesh tearers ill do (to acompany seth: awesome model!).

Candidate Two:

This is Mechrite red, shaded with Leviathan purple, then highlighted with blood red and then solar mach orange. This is a very bright over the top colour scheme. It takes a little longer but could be very impressive when the armies done.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Selling spare praetorians on ebay

Counted up squads of the guys ive got and found id over zealously picked up way more guard than im ever going to use or paint. So im popping a few back on ebay, you can find them here:


Carriage Wheels for Praetorian Lascannon's

I picked up a few lascannons without wheels and so found some replacements im very happy with, i might look at getting more for my other heavy weapons... this one will make up part of my las-plas command squad, i have another three for a weapons team/squads but at the moment im conentrating on painting up my command squads and a second unit of guardsmen so i can field an all praetorian force and drop those cadians :P Further pics when paintings finished!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Praetorian Plasma gunners

Here's a couple of pics of two completed models, i chose blue for the plasma guns on these, any thougths on other colours i could try with their complicated colour scheme?

Thursday, 15 April 2010

A taste of things to come

So i tried to resist the pull of the blood angels, but their call was too strong. Plus i have a bunch of old space marine models in boxes waiting to go... Blood angels were my first ever army and the new codex has just too many exciting options to say no to. I still want to finish my guard army, so for the time being ill just drop the odd bit of blood angel stuff into the mix but guard will still take the limelight. In the long term these guys are up next! Now to go cut up some Space Hulk Termies to make Sanguinary priests..

Ive been testing on different ways to paint red for blood angels/flesh tearers, i might try and do a step by step. I know theres alot of guides to red out there, but I always like to hear different opinions and have more options. First up; which wash? Baal Red, Gryphonne Sepia, Leviathan Purple, Thraka Green or layers? (Yes green, it works, sciency know-hows says green next to red makes the red brighter similar to adding green eyes and wax seals to your red guys.) Sorry this got a bit texty!

Praetorian Storm Troopers #2

Here the second squad, this time they're equipped with two melta's.

City Board

So ive been working on my terrain a bit this week. A couple of them still need basing and I recon i might want to add gold to the dark building to help break up the colour a bit. Now just to do a new baord that suits my current basing colours... sigh.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Praetorian Rough Riders

So i went with the Empire outriders in the end:

I added lances from the Empire knights set, arms from the empire state troops set and grenades to the end of the lances from the space marine tactical squad set. Now to do some research on painting horses...

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Praetorian Marbo

A Guard mini Lictor is pretty hilarious fun and i saw some really great models for this guy made by other people. Together with the catachan model by GW in no way fitting with my desert themed Praetorian army and finding the tank crew bodies fit the praetorian uniform bill perfectly i thought it was time to crack out a model that wasnt just 'another' praetorian squaddie. Meet 'Lost his marbles' Marbo:

The helemet/pack is from the empress miniatures range as i was feeling lazy about sculpting and the pack looked fun to represent a demo charge. The head is from the empire knights of the white wolves sprue, the one that i first saw and thought 'thatl be useful if i ever want to make a crazy guy model,' which rather fit the bill. The cleaver is from the ogre kingdoms set and the pistol is a chaos bolt pistol with added scope and lasrifle barrel, as i wanted it to look big enough that he could blugeon people to death with the thing if he missed.