Friday, 12 March 2010

Three Praetorian Ogryns finished!

Finally got these three chaps done, i redid the belt buckles as their previous rubbishness was annoying me. As always comments and advice very welcome:

Ive started on sculpting another three for the unit including a totally pointless but hopefully cool enough to be forgiven standard bearer (the ogre standard is HUGE i HAD to use it!!!). Pics of those to follow as and when theyre done. Rough riders may also have to happen soon, therye too iconic a guard unit not to really...


  1. Very nicely done. Will you be doing a Commisar pic on the banner or another design?

  2. Many thanks!
    Ive been mulling that over in the old noggin' myself... My initial thoughts for the banner were either to keep it really simple with a large base colour probably either dark blue or red with white numbers for the unit/company/etc.
    OR the Union Jack/St. George's Cross
    OR to go all out and try and do something really over the top, i was thinking the old royal lion in rich orange, standing on its hind legs before a red background, which would also go with the praetorian standard bearer's standard top. A Commisar also sounds pretty cool. Any other ideas before i make a choice? I'll keep you posted as it develops!

  3. Well for totally over the top why not go a lion rampart wearing a commisarial greatcoat?

    Ties in with the royal lion and the Ogryn's belief of Commisars being in touch with the Emperor.

    Hrm... maybe don't do that, I want to do it myself now ;)

    If not the complicated route I'd go a big number.

  4. That does sound cool... perhaps beyond my painting abilities... ill get some sketches done of the various ideas and see if i can scan them in if i still cant decide!

  5. Great work on these guys!
    I vote for Big Number on a dirty red background.

    ...and did you say rough riders?? I can't wait to see what you do for those :D

  6. Thanks Esty. For the rough riders I was initially thinking of doing just straight up converts from empire rough riders... but now im thinking theyd probably look pretty cool riding lions... perhaps if i took the scales off some chaos hounds and upped the manes some with green stuff?