Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Blood Angels Praetor

I spent quite alot of time on this fellow, using decals I normally can't be bothered with and all!

The model is lovely and has so much detail to paint. Although mine had a few mold errors in albeit in quite discrete places. I did something different with the sword although I'm not completely sold on it to make it look unlike my other power weapons. I hope you like him!

I gave him turquoise eyes to contrast the red armour and go with the sword.

Probably went a bit overboard with the weathering on the forward leg there.

A tiny decal seemed easier than trying to paint the droplet in.

A decal!

Giving us the old grumpy eye.

Slightly from above so you can see his odd head stuff implant things.. I prefer helmets as a rule and sometimes like to put a helmet on the belt if not on the head but I really couldn't find room anywhere for one and liked this head just too much. It goes well with the old Baal scarred wasteland look if not the new golden locked covermodel vampire thing GW seems to have rolled into for the BA.