Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Imperial Knight part 3 decals

Here's some more knight action! I finished off the base, by adding turf and weathered the legs. I added some of the impressive decals to my knight. I read the heresy mechanicus book recently and obviously love taranis, although I believe the heraldry was different in the heresy to on the sheet I just used the sheet ones... I like the idea of a knight with ties to the mechanicum and the imperium so my knight has both the cogged skull on his left shoulder and the aquila on his right. Another cog went on his left shin pad and the Taranis cog arrow and yellow portion went on the banner. This suited nicely as I love using yellow as a spot colour on my Blood angels and praetorian guard, and will do more yellow on this guy in the form of hazard stripes on the weapon, so will tie in with my other forces nicely. The shoulder pad decals are a little tricky to place without warping but by cutting between aquila wings and cog teeth it worked out alright! I also silvered the large area under the aquila and its counterpart on the rear,although it needs some weathering to break it up, as well as the exhaust pipes, which will be weathered black smokestains later.
Thoughts and comments welcome as ever!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Blood Angels Vindicator

For some reason I never got around to finishing my vindicators, I suppose I used them alot in game and first in 6th with my BA's and felt they were overpowered and then stopped using them. I felt it was about time I finished them. Here's one:

I did a Blood drop in yellow that I then weathered over to try and break up the 'big red box' problem with a space marine tank. I tried to do a light effect on the lamps. Not sure it worked out that great but don't really have the will to go back and change it for now! Perhaps the front plate could have used more weathering and painting in the details. Perhaps I'll go back and refinish this sometime in the future! Thoughts and comments welcome!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Imperial Knight part 2 basing

Here's a quick one with the basing colours done for my knight. I used two layers of dry bone colours and washed black and sepia into different areas I felt would be in shadow and to vary the colour. I painted up the bits of forgeworld resin cut offs to try and give the effect of tank traps that had been savaged by war and the knights toe is smashing through one. I used the dry colours on the knights feet and some of the grey on the toe that's smashing through the concrete between the two bone layers to give a hint of the new dust without it looking too grey compared to the rest of the feet.

The aim was to get the large model to look more integrated with its base as particularly with such a big guy on a pretty flat base I didn't want him to look like he wasn't really there. Thoughts, comments and ideas welcome as always! (The random white blob is a dire avengers helmet plum, I later dry brushed some bone over it to dumb it down as it felt a bit strong!)

Friday, 14 November 2014

Taurox for Praetorian's

My friends and I are planning a non- astartes campaign. The idea was to be escalation. Its been so long in the cooking up that most people actually have a good 1500pts of models done now but there we are. The plan was to provide an excuse for our gaming group to do a new army that wasn't space marines. All of us have at least one marine army and very few have other armies. I decided this was a great excuse to whip out the praetorians. I'll have to do some group army shots at some point as I've done some more infantry but haven't done photos as I've gone about it. Laid out I've got a good 2000pts plus now. My first 500pts will include two vet squads in chimeras and a command swuad in a chimera, but each increase in points will then be 250pts. This is a bit awkward frankly, so I decided to do two Taurox so I could squeeze in two more vet squads in the points. Heres the latest addition:

The model is a bit disjointed in my opinion (see below) so I wanted to use loads of heavy weathering to try and disguise this. I used the same army painter leather and bone in stripes that I've used across my Imperial Guard army and the same weathering techniques but just did more. I could have picked out more details with metal but didn't really like the pointy details much so wanted them to be less visible. A remarkably quick paintjob really, although the kit is a pain to stick together, it took me about as long to paint it as stick it, a completely new experience for me!

These models are a bit funny frankly, the pointy fleur de lis look a bit chaos to me and I think they'd probably look better with a front wheel and rear track. I've seen a few people do this with Kromlech wheels or similar but I felt the new kit was pricey enough for a unit I probably wont use that much. The front section of the thing is a cool old truck, the rear a super modern flat edged box which really looks more space marine than guard with its crisp lines and flat surfaces. The kit gives you the options to stick your weapons on a turret or on the side, this seems strange as they would obviously act quite differently in game but the codex and the box seem to suggest either is okay. It's all a bit odd to be honest, however having painted one I warmed to it and rather like the thing despite all the above. I put my guns on the turret as it makes it much better in game although I prefer the look without it.
Comments, thoughts and ideas welcome as always!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Empire Regiment Filler

Actually got one of these painted: its huge and is about 50% of a unit of 50. makes deployment much easier and adds some interest to an army of three massive units.

I used a couple of the forgeworld manan's blades models to look a bit more varied than the dull one pose ones... details just smush into the models legs rubbish... that GW are currently flogging us. One of these days I'll get the others sorted... one of these days...
Thoughts and comments welcome! Cheers for anyone whose still reading after my massive fail to post for an eon.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Imperial knight

Got a bit carried away when these came out and bought three to clog up my cupboard space with boxes... I finally got around to starting on one back in March.

Here's the chap from the front, based in citadel black spray and then zenith painted plates using army painter dragon red, angling from above for the shadows. I painted in trim with warlock bronze and base yellow. He's a bit brass chaos at the moment but a big block of silver under the Aquila should sort that out.

A top view with the all important scones. Next post will have more basing and tying the model into the base, alongside more leg detail.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Imperial Guard command chimera's (for my praetorians)

New stuff!

So sadly I can't take credit for the construction of these. I bought these lovely kitbashed chimeras off ebay. If you wanted to make some yourself it appears fairly easy. They have predator turrets with the autocannons removed to be replaced with multilazers, plasticard trackguards with rivets I believe made from cut off styrene tubing given their slightly varying length. The piece the turret rests on has been pulled back and sits on a piece of plasticard that covers the space in the middle of the tank left when the rear troop carrying part of the tank has been cut back.

I am going to use them for my CCS (centre model with the larger yellow block of the squad marking) and two PCS's (which I have yet to paint!) in games in my friends up and coming no astartes campaign (which I admit feels a bit odd as Spacemarines have just got their re-release but whatever :P its to give us time to actually build the armies!)

I sprayed the base colours on these using army painter skeleton bone and leather brown. I hard line highlighted them with ushabti bone and tallarn sands respectively (old paints bleached bone and graveyard earth). I then weathered them up using both rhinox hide (op. scorched brown) feathering with leadbelcher (op. boltgun metal) feathered over the top off the edges to represent fairly fresh deep scratches into the metal on the edges of doors, armour plates and any other areas that looked like they had a big plain bit of one colour and could do with being broken up a bit. I also used my smiles technique with the same colours I had used to hard line and filled them in with rhinox hide to represent older paint chips that have had time to tarnish. (See my Vendetta post for step by step for these techniques.) I finished off details such as metal reas with leadbelcher and an agrax earthshade wash, gems on the edges of the hatches flat bits and the turret cannon targeter bit in from abaddon black into increasingly light shades of blue through to white. I finished off with some red and yellow squad marks to add a bit of colour and then weathered these up (if your doing them, put the colour in before you weather to stop wasting time by repainting bits you've spent more time on!).

I like how they have come out, I hope you like them! Any thoughts?