Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Praetorian storm troopers

I decided to try milliput so these models were a bit of a milliput VS greenstuff experiment. In conclusion, greenstuff is way easier to handle, less flakey, doesnt melt in water meaning you can water your hands up to allow less sticky handling (to avoid finger prints in your models!) BUT cost 9xs more. Ill be trying to use milliput more on the less detailed parts of modells, for filling gaps etc its perfect.

These guys, very obviously are space marine scouts with sniper rifles. they suited the bill of shneeky and quite well armoured guys with weaons with power cables. I simply drilled holes in then snipped of the ends of the guns, turned them upside down, and rotated them by 90degrees so the little stub was at the bottom before reattaching them to the shortened gun barrel. Given i want two squads of these guys, each with 5 men and max heavy weapons to deepstrike and upset people two have plasma guns. The next squad will have two melta's. The heads are from empire outriders i got with a thought towards doing some rough riders, but im not happy with how thatl turn out... im still thinking lions.

'Lost his Marbles' Marbo is done, ill get a pick up by saturday or as soon as i get some good daylight. Hes my first completed Praetorian infantryman using no praetorian or mordian parts and im quite pleased, pic's soon!


  1. Look good- give a very Zulu vibe, which is good for you crazy Praetorian :)

  2. I've never even thought about praetorian storm troopers before, but those are excellent. Can't wait to see them painted up mate.

  3. When i decided to do a guard army i wanted to finally do an army where i owned all the different options the army could offer that also looked like they tied in when on the tabletop, hense all the conversion craziness! Coming soon: Rough Riders!