Monday, 27 December 2010

Empire Handgunners

I've always been a fan of small shooting units that can knock off some rank bonuses or deal with pesky small units/ characters who decide to go it alone. As an empire detachment they go a little bit further. So heres an update on some previous chaps. Theyre not my prettest paintjob but otherwise I'll never have an empire army i can field in a million years. they've also got some shine from using old brown ink so i'll have to matt varnish them sometime.

I've always liked the idea of the empire as a place where you would find various races and so to spice up my army units will have an odd dwarf,elf or bretonian around. In general I'll probably keep these to army colours but it should hopefully help me from being bored of painting just thin beardy chaps in puffy clothes and platemail. Being a bit stumpy I popped him on a bucket, that way he can see over any walls they try to defend.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Second Empire Duelist

Heres my second empire duelist, who ill use as a leader to my handgunners (i don't tend to waste the points on a marksman, but i like having interesting models around!)