Thursday, 18 March 2010

Praetorian Leman Russ fun

Slight change in cammo scheme, i wanted to try and get a cleaner look on the tank and im quite happy with it. Plus now my little tank commander chap gets some wheels (er..tracks). Anyone know the best colour to do chips on bleached bone/ Desert yellow? If i fancy it i might go back and add some to it sometime.

Unit Marking Stripes, all my standard Leman Russ will use these colours:

I decided to go back to my demolisher and try out unit marking stripes, part of the point of painting this army was to help me practice different things and thus improve my painting skills (skill here... straight (ish!) lines!) so i stopped being a chicken and gave it a go. This has a slightly different colour scheme to the standard Russes. I had some trouble deciding which colours to use, I figured safe colours that would go well would be the prime colours, secondary colours, black and white. I tried a few combinations out on my pallette and went for this:


  1. The desert camo looks really good mate, the marking stripes really set it off.

    Kudos matey.