Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Blood angels contemptor dread 30k

It's just the Calth plastic dread with a deathwing terminator cyclone missile launcher on top who I carved up and stuck back together with a little more motion as I don't generally see the Blood angels as a stand about statically kind of legion. 

The deathwing launcher from above, perhaps I should have removed the sword detail but was lazy.

"Sorry son!" I wanted to fill the base with something interesting that might help pull the eye away from the deathwing launcher and Calth dread knee pads that blend into the metal joint too much, etc. so I knocked out this guy out of a calth torso, reaver head, palatine blade empty hand and some GS to give the impression of legs (well... leg) and a back pack.

The back, if you look closely at the leg and torso joins you can just about see where they've been cut apart and restuck but I think its not obvious enough to ruin the model.

Some fist action. I had thought about doing some freehand on the spaces but ended up quite liking the minimal detail.

Dakka dakka.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Imperial Knight 2 part 3 weathering and details.

So here's pretty much where I'm at, closing on a year since I got this guy base coloured. Who says I never get around to things eh? I weathered the red with a sponge using the highlight orange (wild rider red) and dark brown(rhinox hide). Minor chipping in places with the brown and metal on a few sharper exposed edges. Brass scorpion with watered down nihilith oxide and silver trim were both toned down with agrax earthshade. You can see the legs are yet to be shaded and weathered here but I got round to it below!

The mighty chainblade, swapped to the other side on this chap to give some variation between the knights.

A closer look at some weathering.

Eyes ready to be very slightly visible under the faceplate later.

Leg weathering! Sorry about that crummy camera shadow...

Legs again!

And everything so far all together. Hopefully I'll keep up the paintng vibe on this guy and update sooner than a year away.