Friday, 12 March 2010

Leman Russ Demolisher

So ive been thinking long and hard about colour schemes for my many planned tanks (3standard leman russ, 3hellhound varients, 3sentinals, 2valks, 1vendetta, 2-3 chimera and a possible baneblade and/or shadowsword depending how carried away i get before i inevitably have to start collecting the new blood angels).

My initial idea for the praetorians (before I built up the confidence to start converting them) was to do an army like that for the origional big toof river display (Praetorian infantry with Tallarn Desert raider tanks and rough riders). This is one of the main reasons my army is based in a desert wasteland scheme, although in the end i decided i liked it so much id keep it. So my tanks were to be done in a desert scheme, i came up with some colours I tested on some plastic cadians (i might put some pics of them up one day as filler if I dont manage to get a weeks painting done). I thought the colours would work on a larger model and was itching to try the new GW spray gun so Ive painted up my test russ. Its an old model ive had knocking around for years and sadly i stuck it with the hatch closed so no tank commander on this one.

The tank is painted snakebite leather shade for the bleached bone areas (which have 50/50 bleached bone/skull white line highlights) and graveyard earth shaded desert yellow (with 50/50 desert yellow/bleached bone line highlights). The tank was washed with a mix of badad black, ogryn flesh, gryphonne sepia, brown ink and water. Applied gryphonne sepia was used to create weathering stains from rivets, etc. The Tracks and lowest half an inch of the tank were then drybrushed with kommando khaki to give a dusty used effect.

Im happy enough ill go ahead with painting other tanks this way, any tips/ideas on better weathering effects would be welcome!

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