Friday, 24 September 2010

Praetorian Storm Trooper Squad

Heres a few pics of my first painted squad of the praetorian storm troopers i made up awhile ago now. They gave me an opportinity to try to tie different parts of my army together by using the cammo scheme on my cadians on their cloaks but sticking to the main praetorian colour palette. I have some tallern's i mean to one day paint up in the same camo, but er.. don't go holding your breath for these!

Also I wanted to appologise for the length between posts, I got a new job a few months back now and its been inhibiting my ability to post as often as I'd like. With the release of the new fantasy rulebook i wondered if anyone would be interested in shots of my empire or tomb kings armies, at the very least perhaps they could provide some filler? In the meantime I'm afraid posts are going to continue to be slower, I enjoy painting/posting/etc. too much to stop, but I won't be able to continue my older rate. Thanks for all of those still following!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Captain Lorenzo progress

I made a grevious error of trying to batch paint to help me get things done, so until my storm troopers are finished heres a little of this guy.