Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Desert Wasteland camo Cadian Filler

So works seriously hectic this week, hopefully ill get some time to put something more interesting up on the weekend and next week but in the meantime heres the cadian filler troops ive been using to field a painted army while my painted praetorian numbers get up to scratch.


  1. Very nice! I like the camo pattern. how log to produce a platoon with the Camo pattern? I am also liking the movement tray

  2. The cammo pattern looks awesome!

  3. thanks guys! The cammo pattern is bleached bone slacks with snakebite leather shading. The darker spots are graveyard earth done in circles of different sizes, deliberately trying to make lots of them cut on armour/belt/etc. edges to make straight lines. Then desert yellow is painted into the spots leaving an edge of graveyard earth. Its important not to highlight the cammo patches. Then black lines are added crossing the spots edges and these are filled with a white centre. to break up the pattern. I did the cammo pattern on the two squads in a weekend so maybe 6 hours for the cammo on two squads. 7 for a full platoon I'd imagine. Plus the time to paint the green and bleached bone slacks maybe 13-15hrs total for a platoon. depending on your painting speed. Hope this helps! Movement trays save my sanity!