Friday, 26 February 2010

Melta's nd Plasma's

First off heres a couple of pics of some painted melta's, they still need some dead grass flock added but are otherwise mainly complete.
Im a fan of melta's and i've just not got enough praetorian melta models to make up the difference, plus my models are grouped in units by their pose. The zulu style 'First Rank FIRE!, Second Rank FIRE!' (my units only have two ranks unless they get blobbed... so none of that third rank malarky) and advancing units. This led me to want some more dynamic moving models for advancing units as the grenade launcher and melta models are both static and i wont always want to kit them out with a flamer. I also wanted to do a few Plasma gunners as the praetorian's never got one (just as all the other origional metal guard always missed one special weapon variant to my and my friends general rage, fudge flavour today i need to kill some marines/necrons). So i lazily found a model holding his lasgun in one arm, duely snipped it off and popped on a special weapon. I also did one more static plasma as im likely to go with the 2plasma 1 lascannon/autocannon CCS most games and wanted two different plasma models.
Im part way through painting a Marbo conversion and ive base coated the first three ogryn's so pics to come as soon as i finish those guys.

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