Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Praetorian storm troopers

I decided to try milliput so these models were a bit of a milliput VS greenstuff experiment. In conclusion, greenstuff is way easier to handle, less flakey, doesnt melt in water meaning you can water your hands up to allow less sticky handling (to avoid finger prints in your models!) BUT cost 9xs more. Ill be trying to use milliput more on the less detailed parts of modells, for filling gaps etc its perfect.

These guys, very obviously are space marine scouts with sniper rifles. they suited the bill of shneeky and quite well armoured guys with weaons with power cables. I simply drilled holes in then snipped of the ends of the guns, turned them upside down, and rotated them by 90degrees so the little stub was at the bottom before reattaching them to the shortened gun barrel. Given i want two squads of these guys, each with 5 men and max heavy weapons to deepstrike and upset people two have plasma guns. The next squad will have two melta's. The heads are from empire outriders i got with a thought towards doing some rough riders, but im not happy with how thatl turn out... im still thinking lions.

'Lost his Marbles' Marbo is done, ill get a pick up by saturday or as soon as i get some good daylight. Hes my first completed Praetorian infantryman using no praetorian or mordian parts and im quite pleased, pic's soon!


Work in progress at the moment. The crew are still to be done, and will be painted sepeerately. Unsure if ill do tank colour markings on these simply beauce im not sure where id put them.

Also on the modelling table: Scout snipers -> Storm troopers with hell-guns. More soon!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Desert Wasteland camo Cadian Filler

So works seriously hectic this week, hopefully ill get some time to put something more interesting up on the weekend and next week but in the meantime heres the cadian filler troops ive been using to field a painted army while my painted praetorian numbers get up to scratch.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Praetorian Leman Russ fun

Slight change in cammo scheme, i wanted to try and get a cleaner look on the tank and im quite happy with it. Plus now my little tank commander chap gets some wheels (er..tracks). Anyone know the best colour to do chips on bleached bone/ Desert yellow? If i fancy it i might go back and add some to it sometime.

Unit Marking Stripes, all my standard Leman Russ will use these colours:

I decided to go back to my demolisher and try out unit marking stripes, part of the point of painting this army was to help me practice different things and thus improve my painting skills (skill here... straight (ish!) lines!) so i stopped being a chicken and gave it a go. This has a slightly different colour scheme to the standard Russes. I had some trouble deciding which colours to use, I figured safe colours that would go well would be the prime colours, secondary colours, black and white. I tried a few combinations out on my pallette and went for this:

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Praetorian Ogryns, final(?) three progress report

So ive added the bionic eye and head plate to the bonehead. Ive also done one more standard ogyrn with a full length coat who I still want to put a helmet on. Finally the standard bearer with another half length coat who will probably be left bare headed.

These still need ripper guns (ork shootas that i'm waiting to arrive) although I'm not sure if I'll add one to the belt/back of the standard bearer or not. I'll be doing banner concept sketches this week, any thoughts or ideas are more than welcome, thanks to Gotthammer for some great ideas so far!

I also wanted to say thanks to those whove commented anything so far, i really appreciate your interest, ideas (and compliments!). Another special thanks to those who have decided to follow my blog, really means alot that your all interested enough to come back and have a further look, 10 followers already is beyond all my hopes. You've slaughtered my secret fear that I'd be posting pics and text for myself for three months and noone would notice until I got bored and gave up. So again, many thanks to everyone for making this fun for me and helping me keep up the painting and modelling and to anyone who joins in the future!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Praetorian Ogryn Bonehead.

Some initial pics of the guy for you, i plan to add a metal skull plate with a bionic eye (from the dark angels sprue techmarine head i recon) and im awaiting delivery of some orcs for the shootas (ripper guns!). Anyway heres a couple of images of his current progress:

Three Praetorian Ogryns finished!

Finally got these three chaps done, i redid the belt buckles as their previous rubbishness was annoying me. As always comments and advice very welcome:

Ive started on sculpting another three for the unit including a totally pointless but hopefully cool enough to be forgiven standard bearer (the ogre standard is HUGE i HAD to use it!!!). Pics of those to follow as and when theyre done. Rough riders may also have to happen soon, therye too iconic a guard unit not to really...

Leman Russ Demolisher

So ive been thinking long and hard about colour schemes for my many planned tanks (3standard leman russ, 3hellhound varients, 3sentinals, 2valks, 1vendetta, 2-3 chimera and a possible baneblade and/or shadowsword depending how carried away i get before i inevitably have to start collecting the new blood angels).

My initial idea for the praetorians (before I built up the confidence to start converting them) was to do an army like that for the origional big toof river display (Praetorian infantry with Tallarn Desert raider tanks and rough riders). This is one of the main reasons my army is based in a desert wasteland scheme, although in the end i decided i liked it so much id keep it. So my tanks were to be done in a desert scheme, i came up with some colours I tested on some plastic cadians (i might put some pics of them up one day as filler if I dont manage to get a weeks painting done). I thought the colours would work on a larger model and was itching to try the new GW spray gun so Ive painted up my test russ. Its an old model ive had knocking around for years and sadly i stuck it with the hatch closed so no tank commander on this one.

The tank is painted snakebite leather shade for the bleached bone areas (which have 50/50 bleached bone/skull white line highlights) and graveyard earth shaded desert yellow (with 50/50 desert yellow/bleached bone line highlights). The tank was washed with a mix of badad black, ogryn flesh, gryphonne sepia, brown ink and water. Applied gryphonne sepia was used to create weathering stains from rivets, etc. The Tracks and lowest half an inch of the tank were then drybrushed with kommando khaki to give a dusty used effect.

Im happy enough ill go ahead with painting other tanks this way, any tips/ideas on better weathering effects would be welcome!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Update report: Painting Praetorian Ogryn's

So first of all, sorry for such a long break in posting, rotten weather and feeling rotten due to illness have meant not much painting has got done, still heres an update on my now mainly complete praetorian ogyrns.

As with my troops the blues are necron abyss highlighted with mordian blue washed first with very watered down badab black then once dry washed with asurmen blue.
The reds are mechrite red highlighted with blood red and washed with gryphonne sepia then baal red. This double wash tecnique makes the models look really good for a table top army without spending all the time that multiple mixes of paint and highlighting mechrite red through blood red and up to solar macharius orange would.

Flesh is tallern flesh washed with ogryn flesh then tallern-bronzed flesh highlights then once again with more bronzed flesh and a final highlight with bleached bone added to the mix.

Marbo's picks didnt come out so ill post some once hes finished painting along with completed pics of these.