Saturday, 3 April 2010

Praetorian Marbo

A Guard mini Lictor is pretty hilarious fun and i saw some really great models for this guy made by other people. Together with the catachan model by GW in no way fitting with my desert themed Praetorian army and finding the tank crew bodies fit the praetorian uniform bill perfectly i thought it was time to crack out a model that wasnt just 'another' praetorian squaddie. Meet 'Lost his marbles' Marbo:

The helemet/pack is from the empress miniatures range as i was feeling lazy about sculpting and the pack looked fun to represent a demo charge. The head is from the empire knights of the white wolves sprue, the one that i first saw and thought 'thatl be useful if i ever want to make a crazy guy model,' which rather fit the bill. The cleaver is from the ogre kingdoms set and the pistol is a chaos bolt pistol with added scope and lasrifle barrel, as i wanted it to look big enough that he could blugeon people to death with the thing if he missed.

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