Friday, 1 April 2011

Blood Angels Iron Armour Colour Test With Army Painter Dragon Red

Here's a chap in forgeworld's Iron armour. I love it. However it has rather more gold on it than the rest of my army which has close to none really. Hmmz. Anyway I just wanted to get some feedback and thoughts on other ways I could paint it that avoided the metal. I didn't want to do black trim, and all red looked wrong.

I actually tried tested out using a red spray (cos I'm getting lazy with basecoating a couple of hundred marines and guard all in red!) this one was army painter's dragon red as it seemed to match the GW blood red quite closely and as a model spray was unlikely to go wrong in the way a spray paint from a DIY shop might have, i.e. thick paint ruining my models.

I first undercoated in black spray, then when this was dry I went in with the red trying to hit only the armour (not that I didn't get everything else too really, but i tried!). I laid down a couple of layers from above trying to hit it slightly less each time to leave a bit of shading. Then I went through my normal stages (wash all over with leviathan purple, highlight with blood red, then a blood red and solar mach orange mix then line highlight with vermin brown/solar mach) and frankly I think it looks very similar, which was the intention!

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