Friday, 15 April 2011

Raptor's Sternguard Sergeant Laufrey with weathering powders

I did do the extra work on his base and some powders to tie the model into the base alot and I'm very happy with it... now I may have to go back and do this to all my blood angels.. NOOOO!

Thats him finished as my entry to the Badab Painting/modding competition ( Good luck to anyone else whose entered!


  1. Chris, you should have sent in the first two pics!! He looks so much better in those because you can see the detail!

    The last three let you down I reckon, he is a kickass looking model and really well painted.

  2. Those pics look great- nice work. I'm glad Tristan over at GWPertinent linked to your blog! You've got a new fan :)