Sunday, 3 April 2011

Counts as Sentinals Forgeworld Mukaali Riders, thoughts please!

So I picked up three off these of Ebay for diddley as part of an army bundle (yeah i know... stop buying guard and paint up your praetorians and BA Rosser). Still the deal also had 5 rough riders and I've already got my praetorian roughs which are both a completely different scale to these. It would also upset me to run something so huge and cool as 1 wound bolter/lasgun fodder. Thus I thought counts as sentinals could be a laugh and wanted some input. Heres pics with blu-tacked autocannons:

I want to sculpt up a mount for the autocannons (like the heavy stubber mount on a leman russ turrent gun)which would be attached the the existing leather strap on the mukaali's neck. This however would still leave the model quite fleshy so to use it as a vehicle might not go down so well even of the walking variety. Still the Grey knights Deadknight hardly looks very monstrous critter-like so I recon I could push it a bit. The idea then would be the add a bit of armour to the model, perhaps just plates on the front legs. I'm not sure I'd want to obscure the pretty heads. I'd love some thoughts and ideas to give me some confidence before I embark on hacking up these guys :P. Thanks!


  1. No problem by my standards! I use some Chaos Spawn riders as Sentinels myself.

    I agree some kind of mounting would be good if using something like an autocannon. For mine I went with shoulder-fired missile launchers.

    I wouldn't worry too much about armoring them up; there's really not much else (other than HW teams) that they could potentially be confused for.

  2. Cool idea like your thinking. If you are good at converting or sculpting why not try doing some sort of crew compartment.

    When I mean crew compartment, something like the one's they used to use on elephants during Roman Times, and when the British did their hunting in India during the early 19th cent. Just an Idea can't wait to see what you do.

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys!

    SoT: those spawn are cool!

    Com Dave: A howdah sounds cool although I'm not sure I could pull off making one with the guys in the horse riding pose thay are currently. Time to do some sketches! Maybe I could just do silly parasols behind them all...