Friday, 29 April 2011

Averland Detachment

Hers the smallest part of the empire army I picked up, I'll drop a few more posts of them from time to time but Averland has always struck me as one of the best flavour states, being at one end of blackfire pass its hardened troops defend the route taken by many orc WAAAGHs for generations. Also its exciting elector count Marius Leitdorf, infamous as the Mad Lord of Averland; the genius, pompous, rage prone swordmaster is packed with character to lead an army.

They're a very nice tabletop standard. I suppose one day I might do a little work on the faces but I'm really enjoying throwing down with a fully painted army! I got in a game earlier today and was soundly beaten by orcs.

I bought these along with a whole lot more for a bargin price from a Ben Couzens, cool-kid-on-the-block on warseer (I'll link to his beastmen stuff there if warseer sorts its problems out and comes back up soon). He sells on ebay as Komick-Kid. Hes got a few bargain lots up, for a great 40k mordian army, a vast 40k orc horde and a couple of converted giants, check them out!:

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