Thursday, 28 April 2011

Knights Panther

My 40k mojo has worn a little, I've too many things on the go that seem to becoming a struggle to finish so I thought I'd do something in completely different colours for a change. I picked up a vast (almost)fully painted Empire army (actually it seems big enough to be three armies and was labeled as such on the cases it arrived in) for an absolute bargin price. I'm waiting on a reply from the chap/chapette to see if i can link to them or some such, hopefully he won't mind this going up now! While most of it is a good enough standard I wouldn't dream of touching it in my normal way I couldn't help but meddle a bit:

These had been neatly base coated and had some shading with very nicely painted flesh on the faces that were visible. As a result they were a dream to paint! I washed down the blue with thinned down badab black and then asurmen blue then added scratched weathering to all the blue armour sections. I washed down the silver armour with badab black. I washed down the gold armour with Baal red (to contrast its warmth with the cool blue) and built back up with burnished gold. I added some extra colour to the flaming meteor banner (which had been blocked before, the 'Panther' Penants had been painted before). Finally I rebased them to be more inkeeping with my army and (future) realm of battleboard. I'm not sure if I want to change the colour of the plume to blue and yellow or if this will then get lost in the model. What are your thoughts?

Oh I also meant to say a huge thank you to all those who have been dropping by recently and especially to those who've recently joined the blog. Really appreciate it, followers are up to 56, a number i never dreamed of when I first started out! Cheers all!

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