Monday, 9 May 2011

Reiksguard Knights on foot WIP

Many moons ago Knights seemed to be all over the shop in the Empire models range. Both different Knightly orders had their own mounted models and grand masters and also some featured on foot with a variety of equipment. Some may remember the old Reiksuard knights on foot they still show up on ebay fairly often if you don't mind shelling out a whole lot of money for them. I did mind and thought I might convert some of my own. I simply did a head swap with some of the reiksguard heads from the knightly orders box (obviously avoiding the knights panther and white wolf heads! (Tempted to do some knights panther on foot to lead my swordsmen)) and popped them on some great sword models I had sitting around from a couple of rash battle force purchases when the empire was last re-released. There are four suitable plumed helmets so to fill up the gap I used an unplumed helmet from the greatswords box. Some trimming of the torso collar and the bottom of the helmet head is required but this is as easy as converting gets:

Heres a shot of some classic perry reiksguard knights on foot models to compare:

Used without permission:

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