Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Mantic Ghouls Model Review Pt 2.

So heres some more of the mantic models, this time fully made up. First up heres a couple of pics of the units fully made up just so you have some idea of how the units really look rather dynamic when all ranked up, I was impressed how much they look like they're surging forward looking for walking lunchables. I'll get some appropriate sized movement trays for them when i get around to painting them up.

Next up heres a rank of vanilla models with no weapon arms. I've also thrown in the ghast command model torso as he's really cool> He's waving around a spine and wearing a (?)skin cloak of sorts. He should really stick out at the front of your units and add that extra bit of character.

Heres three chaps with the weapon options included: Knives, a meat cleaver and a claw thing. I don't really like the claw thing, but the other two are grand, particularly the meat cleaver, fresh meat (I loved diablo)!

Next up here are some alternate weapons from the empire militia boxed set. The warhammer hands are by enlarge slightly too big for the models with chunkier fingers etc. but some of the slightly older models go well enough. As it happens these are conveniently also the three different head options provided.

Lastly heres some head swaps. Again most warhammer heads are a bit big, such as the knight helmet! However I thought it was fun to add some diversity to the unit.

I hope you all agree these are a great and very cheap substitute for the GW ghouls, If your a die hard tourney player these probably wont be of much use to you with the whole GW only rules, however if your a casual gamer who wants to save a few quid/bucks then I'd highly recommend these as an easy and quick way to make up alot of guys fast. This is especially relevant at the moment for those die hard Undead players who want to suddenly have huge regiments of ghouls the old army book didn't often reward you for playing as skeletons and zombies are not exactly top notch choices until the new rules come out.

Given changes in fear rules and the recent tomb kings chatter from GW about 'legions of undead' I fully expect serious skeleton points costs, but until that happens there are going to be alot of ghouls running about the empire!

I hope this helps a few people who wonder what mantic models and sprues look like, sometime in the future I'll look at how to paint up lots of these guys really quick. I think coloured sprays are likely, you may notice in pics 1&2 I've already started testing the red on my blood angels, I'll post up how thats going soon.

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