Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Blood Angel Auto-Las Predator

So now I need to go back and weather up all my older space marine tanks because although I liked the idea of relatively clean and well maintained spae marine tanks, this just looks better. Enjoy:

Not sure the dust build up on the turrent is quite right, something to vary next time around! As ever any comments/suggestions/critiques welcome!


  1. Very nice work indeed, you are right about the turret it does look a bit odd but I still like the overall effect. Did you use pastel's or weathering powders? But this is a really cool paint job well done, can't wait to see how your space marines turn out.

  2. Thanks! Powders, some vallejo (from the earth and oxide set) and some from forgeworld (the second set) these were two dust colours for the light dust weathering. A dark mud colour for the darker dust weathering blending the dust into the tank and in crevices. A little green powder on the front icon, Black powder into the exhaust vents and last Dust and Rust colours on the tracks.