Monday, 28 March 2011

Mantic Ghouls Model Review Pt 1.

I impulse bought some mantic mini's while they were doing some 15% off sale thing awhile back. I hate the GW ghouls with a passion. They look like some sort of cartoon igor meets quazimodo and not the least bit frightening. So I went and purchased a ghoul formation from mantic containing two ghould hoardes. A total of 80 ghouls including two ghast command torsoes.

I was surprised to find there are only two ghoul scultps on the sprues (no i didn't carefully read the site, I impulse bought with 15 seconds to spare before the deal ran out at midnight!) although these have alot of different options between them. Heres some sprue pics:

The two torsoes and bodies are interchangable and have ball and socket joints to allow a massive variety of poses. Unlike GW mini's the legs come attached to a round flat piece that sticks in the base (put glue on the model not the base or air will trap and be a pain) which allows you to stick the guy to the base later, giving more pose direction and allowing the slightly tricky models to rank up better without having to waste time pre planning what every guy looks like. There are three heads, one of them particularly cool, the other two not so much to my taste. Different hands with weapons can be used to replace the hands on the model by clipping them off, this is a bit of a pain but saves alot of time not sticking tiny hands on if you want most of yor guys without a weapon. The scale is not as herioc as warhammer, but some heads and hands I found were compatable. I'll whack up some pics of some stuck models soon when the light is a bit better tomorrow! I might try to do some kind of crazy entire undead army in a single weekend paintathon for fun sometime as I really don't have any other vampire counts models.

If anyone in the UK wants my 8 mantic points drop me an email with your address and I'll pop them in the post to you, I'm going to lose the stickers before I ever collect 20!

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