Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Welcome to the Alvarak System escalation campaign map

My friends and I have been planning a system wide escalation campaign for a few years now and were finally starting. I've set up a blog about our progress and thought I'd link to anyone who was interested in having a look from here: http://alvaraksystemcampaign.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/welcome-to-alvarak-system.html

Have you and your groups ever run map campaigns and how did they go?
Arthur kindly had an amazing system map commissioned for us and it seems only right to start with it:
Made by battleboards.co.uk it's a thing of awe inspiring beauty. Their web address if you fancy checking them out is at:
My overview shot was a blurry mess so will add one later.  Here is a video of some of the making of this project. It's really very impressive and you can see how some of the board tiles light up and some pro brush control!

Here comes the image spam! Each of these will get a separate post with background, rules and a terrain list. Each planet has a hexagonal grid in perspex that both protects the tile and allows us to mark our progress during the campaign in little coloured perspex tiles. Genius.

Alvarak Prime





Epsilon 0111010001011010001010010100010010010010001111001010010010100110
Or E0111 for short. This is my red planet board for anyone who has been following my progress with it!


Pyrea "Roads"


There are also three system features that we may throw in if possible. The hulks could make for some zone mortalis. Asteroids? Who knows!

Hulk "The Spawn of Tyamat"

Hulk "Damnations call"

Asteroid Belt Designation 413 "Trader's Peril"


  1. These look absolutely amazing!
    Gotta admit, I'm pretty jealous. I'd love to have a map campaign on the go, bought a couple of sets of the Mighty Empires tiles in preparation. Nothing came of it with my gaming group :(

    1. We're very lucky to have a friend who was willing to get this made for us! He said he was having it done and we had no idea quite how amazing it was going to be until we saw the first pics and then real thing. The campaign needs some work to get into phase two but hopefully everyone's too invested for it to just run out of steam.