Thursday, 25 June 2015

Blood angels Forgeworld kitbash assault marines.

One of many many projects that got put aside I found in a box and randomly painted a bit of.

These are based on sons of horus reavers and emperors children palantine blades. I used metal blood angel pads and blood drop pads for their shoulders as both kits have legion specific ones. I also used some plastic bits; a blood angel head, helmet and a shoulder pad. I like the idea of the blood angels having the different aspects of the chapter so the savage blood crazed flesh tearers alongside the nobler artisan current blood angels so I've tried to represent both. Now the assault marines have been cut from my troops choice I thought it was about time I painted some up... er... doh!

Here's the three. Goodness knows how many others to do.. but little by little eh?

This guy is my favourite. His sons of horus body with palantine blade weapons gives a nice mix of angry and artisan.

Back shot. I try and do zenith lighting highlights on my models so sometimes random bits are in shadow.

I like yellow.


I wanted a big over the top pretty bit in the form of the shoulder pad to balance the big axe bit.

Yellow and hazard stripes make me happy.

Melta. Yes you can never have too much melta.

His spikey backpack is his only angry bit.

I also use green as a spot colour.

Though maybe the rope should have been yellow...

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