Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Sky shield landing pad

One of our planets, Pyreus 'Roads', is supposed to be a Skyport. So a landing pad was a must.
Here it is! Airbrush project number two.

I went back to my parents and grabbed my old pad out of my wardrobe where it had been sadly unloved for some time. I'd previously based it in brown and then drybrushed it in silvers by hand to try and give it a worn rusty look that hadn't really worked, so I'd painted the eagles bone but chipped.. and that hadn't really worked... so I'd washed bits in different colours to try and save it and that hadn't worked either and my did it look awful.

Enter the airbrush. I sprayed everything with silver. which was a bit light, so I mixed a burnt umber and black wash and toned it down slightly unevenly trying to keep the middle dirtier as if maybe it had been landed on with something with burners. I used white to pick out the aquillae and scroll bits.

Top view. the top lights are a pale turquiose. (NB. I suspect I see green and blue slightly differently to some people, so to me this looks a pale green but I could be wrong!) These were done by just aiming down(ish some fails round about if you look closely) with the airbrush at each light in turn and then adding more white to the mix before doing it again, trying to be quick enough my airbrush didn't seize up but slow enough the paint dried on the model. I was pretty happy with how these looked but felt I probably should have been less lazy and do two to three light colours instead of just one.

Bottom view. I decided to mix up the lights and go with yellow, which has the fun contrast when the side are up which helped me feel less like I'd made a mistake with the all turquiose lights on top. I used a bit less silver and more umber wash to give the bottom a more disused rust feel than the cleaner but burnt top.

I'll try and snap a shot of it when I get it on a board.

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