Thursday, 18 June 2015

Vindicare finished

Here he is, cunningly hiding on a small patch of dirt in the shadow of a ruined archway that's oddly sitting on a landing pad... (next post spoiler). Sometimes an issue with these bases that they look nuts placed on terrain, it also hides his back detail, but he does look quite sneaky so I'll forgive it.

I did another layer of white on the mask, that might have been an error frankly but never mind.

And the brass details and green highlights on the gun. I love the skull with the bullet hole on the base even if it should have been a helmet as he must have been standing there ages for the flesh to rot off but nonetheless awesome detail.

I went for a grey rock with a base of brown to give his black suit something to look less grey next to.

The base I painted before adding the model so I could just drybrush without fear which is unusual for be because I simply cant be bothered t keep track of different models pieces while I take my sweet time to paint them as I rampantly skip from project to project. I based the arch and rocks in Rhinox hide, painted/heavily drybrushed with eshin grey over leaving brown in cracks, its not really visible to the eye but does change the overall tone. Then a drybrush with dawnstone and a final go with terminatus stone which ties to the sand. The sand was painted in the technical blackfire earth (leaving feet spaces) before being drybrushed in zandri dust and then terminatus stone.

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