Monday, 15 June 2015

Apocalypse or first turn wins 40k

I used my knight! Vs a Khorne Lord of Skulls! I thought mine was over costed but that Khornate monster is something else.

Basically the game seemed largely to boil down to the fact my team mate seized the initiative and we killed the khorne lord so we were a third up in points. Entertaining game against a very good humored opponent. I wondered if anyone had any strategies to play these games without the 'roll for first turn and the win' feel? Forcing people to use 50% reserves or similar? Bit of a pain to need another table to layout those units and take the time to move them on in an already slow format.

The armies line up.

Lord of war standoff.

The blood angels thought the alpha legion were the ultramarines obviously...

Yes I'm quite good at turning the far future into a parking lot. Sorry.

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