Thursday, 23 April 2015

Red planet board tiles 4-6 Realm of Battle Gameboard.

The forgeworld tiles are truely gorgeous but really busy. If your board was made up of just tiles like these you wouldn't have any room for your units! So in complete contrast I'm going to do three open tiles from the realm of battle gameboard. First things first is to get rid of those awful skulls. Why does warhammer have a geological layer of just skulls slightly underneath the surface? I suppose it goes on top of the layer of plasma guns the imperial guard veterans have managed to salvage from somewhere....

PVA and sand. Done. (Slight bubbling in a couple of these, try to be gentle when applying the PVA to stop this.)
I haven't done step by step photos as I did that with previous boards and didn't want to repeat myself. If your interested and don't want to skip back to my other posts (board project label) then here's the step by step in text:
Having left plenty of time for this to dry I then went in with chaos black spray to undercoat the boards. This should help the colour match my other boards as the forgeworld ones come in a dark resin purple-black which would shade paints on them. Extra paint should hopefully help with wear.
I then used two coats of the oxide red to give a dark finish and then went over with the brown spray over raised areas and to tone the board down. I then did the stone areas in gray before tidying up with brown. I used bone to pick out raised areas, areas of detail and random patches to break up large surfaces. The bone was also used to overspray the boards with a gentle dusting to tie the colours together and give board uniformity. I then used gryphonne sepia to shade cracks and dips.

Here's a pic of each tile. They're not massively Martian red but have a good oxide desert feel, you could skip picking out areas with the bone and just overspray if you wanted them to be more red.

They're pretty easy to do and in my opinion look pretty effective, perhaps I should have just done six of these instead of the FW ones...

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