Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Forgeworld Imperial Emplacement Area Terrain piece for Red Planet Board Finished

I've had some MAJOR peeling problems on my planet board (posts to come) and it's taken a bit of a dent out of my productivity for awhile. Anyway trying to get back into the zone as our group wants to start its much planned for campaign within the month. I'll be setting up a dedicated blog for it shortly.

Here is the forgeworld area terrain post having some of the paint scrubbed off, repainted and brushwork. The main thing for the brushwork was filling in gaps of peel with brown and building bac up to bone for the sandbags. Metals on pipes and boxes. Drybrushes of bone and terminatus stone for the earth areas and the sand bags to give them depth and make the spray paint look more finished.

Coming soon:

My boards are a-peeling! Problems presumably with release agent!

More area terrain: Here's the grey plastic that is the first of the two buildings I'm going to do. I want to do a red and grey colour scheme to tie into the forgeworld tiles. (If I can ever get the paint to hold!) I thought I might connect them by pipes but on reflection would probably leave them having to be placed very close together which wouldn't make for great game balance.

I tried to make it look like it could actually have been a building once. The wonkiness has been corrected!

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