Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Manufactorum building for red planet board WIP

Picture heavy post ahead. Here's a bit of a step by step of where I am so far with this:

First I primed with chaos black spray (and finished with army painter black... because I ran out of Chaos black part way..). I then preshaded with my oxide red picking out areas on the model where wind blown sand and dust might build up and to blend the base of the building into the board. I went over the model with a couple of passes of each colour and flipped the building upside down for both to ensure no gaps were left under all those niggley details and being fairly liberal because more is less sometimes, most won't show through and it might help with wear.
  Heres the where it might build up most on the rood shot.

I then went over the whole model with army painter leather brown. I went in with a couple of passes, again flipping the building to do flooring and interior. I tried to leave a shade of the oxide red and some of the black in appropriate areas. In this one you can clearly see a subtle red in the corners around the roof

This better shows the brown colour as the other was a bit washed out by the bright sunlight.

 Next was the interior. I used army painter uniform grey spray in two light passes to paint all of the interior of the building leaving some of the other colours below as shades. I also tried not to get spray onto the exterior. 
Here you can see the dust effect on the roof edges quite clearly.

Some contrast between the interior and exterior. I quite liked the brown building look and was tempted to change my plan and just do with this but eventually went with the red.

I then used army painter dragon red to paint the exterior of the building being careful not to paint the interior. I did two to three light passes of this to leave the brown, oxide red and black shades visible and only sprayed in a downward direction to help aid shading. The red and grey have a pretty strong contrast I quite like.

This shows where the other colours remain to add shade and break up the solid red.

 Another angle, again the brown colours are visible.
That was my spray painting stages complete. I always feel that some brushwork is needed to make models feel finished. I did girders using leadbelcher and then washed with watered down agrax earthshade which I think was still drying in the pictures and with the direct sunlight looks a bit shiny which its not! The muted silver helps tie the red into the grey roof a little and breaks it up from being one big red block. 

I began to do some more details with the leadbelcher but actually felt it was a bit much and that I prefer the more red look.

I think the next step will be to pick outthe bigger details such as the admech sybols in silver black and white and the stick out generator/goodness knows whats/thingamayigs in silver or brass and weather. I might do a very light drybrush onto some of the red details with a pale orange to bring out the detail but I feel if I were to do all the details in silver it would detract from the model not to mention take ages!

What are peoples thoughts on the bright red building? Trying to look nicely admech but is it too much? Does the silver detailing and grey interior pull it back enough? Hope you like it so far!

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