Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Forgeworld boards are a-peeling!

It was all going so well...

Then the peeling began, slowly at first and then it took hold across all my forgeworld bits.

I had already washed all the pieces with hot water and washing up liquid but it obviously hadn't done the trick.

Here's a close up of the peel. The paint was coming loose from the board below. Shrinking a back it was cracking and peeling away in pieces. I had put varnish on this board and not the others so at first thought that might be the problem but perhaps it only accelerated it.

After a good scrub the board looked like this. This was a bit odd frankly as in all the difficult to reach areas the paint stuck to but came off on the flatter areas. This is the opposite to what I would have expected from release agent where my washing should have removed the open areas easily but not the difficult bits. I tried scrubbing back the paint and washing the board section again and repainted. But it peeled again! In the end I had to paint the whole board in thinned down PVA glue. This seems to give the paint some purchase and so far its held.

Here you can see the board section pre its second peel. and sadly the two other sections below waiting to go!

And one on its own for good luck post PVA. Fingers crossed this has done the trick once and for all!

Has anyone else had a similar problem and how did you deal with it?

Coming soon:

Painting buildings for the red planet boards.

Promethium pipelines. This kit looks fantastic and perfect for my red planet board. A great bit of cover for infantry that can block vehicle movement without blocking line of sight.

More praetorian guard. Getting more troops painted up and ready for duty Sah!

Esher Gang, some Necromundan's to be our campaign unit hive scum.


  1. Que Horror!

    I'd be interested to know what primer you used? I tend to use a halfords car primer in grey or white for resin pieces as the paint has more solvent in it to help it adhere better to the troublesome material.

    1. I used a carprimer as well thinking this would be a good idea! I used simoniz oxide red for its lovely desert red colour. Having said that over the PVA glue layer it seems to have held well! Phew! Going to be a pain to scrape the paint off my other boards and then hand paint thin PVA over them... sigh...

  2. Hi,

    I have the same board as you, and the same exact problem. Washed it multiple times, it peeled. Stripped it all off, washed it again.... it still peeled.

    Did the PVA trick work? Is the paint still attached?

    1. Other than one very small patch yes. On another board section with the same problem I used my recently purchased air brush to spray white spirits over it before scrubbing it off with fairy liquid and then washing it all off with plenty of hot water and that also seems to be working. Mind you white spirits are poisonous and probably best not inhaled so I'm not really recommending this, maybe brush it on?