Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Imperial Knight 3, completed in just one post and four days!

I got a bit technical with this guy and painted the machinery parts first and based armour plates individually while trying to spray as if they were attached while thinking about light zenith. He's also magnetized so he can weapon swap and to help his body and legs hold together. I did the faceplate completely first because I just wasn't sure on it but its grown on me and now it might be my favourite. My affections are clearly fickle when it comes to faceplates. Next up was sponge weathering and brush painted scratching.

And finished the guy suddenly! Yeah so in my painting fervor I forgot to take more photos of my progress but I'm very happy with how he's turned out. I followed the same steps as with Knight #2 although he's configured more like Knight #1 armwise.

Based! I used the airbrush to get his feet and bottom of the legs and armour good and dirty. Rather than do something scenic and complicated like knight #2 I decided to do a much more simple but busy base using mainly elements from the basing set and some GS to give it a bit of depth. I seem to have put vast numbers of helmets onto the base so gave them a variety of legion colours to mix it up. Maybe I should do a FW one next... or just some warden's... tough choices.

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