Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Imperial Knight 2 part 5 Complete! Weapon and faceplate.

The other knightly faceplate here, I wanted them all to have different ones. I guess for number three I'll have to use the skull one I don't like or pick up a Knight Warden helmet... but then what will I use when I impulse buy three knight warden's?! I'm tempted/miffed by the new Knight renegade box set, it seems insane value!

Close up time! You can just about see his eye lenses, if you squint hard and use a torch..
I called this one Ares after the god of war. A short name for the scroll so I fancied up the letters to add some bulk! The 'S' looks a bit Dollar signy... ah well. ARE$ god of profitable war.

And with a gun, the housing is a bit curvy on the wrong side being designed for the other arm in classic GW shortsightedness before they did dakka ones and all the new gubbins. Still I'm very pleased to get this guy onto the finished shelf. Ooo I also gave him a coat of varnish to seal in the decals and help them blend into the model better and I used some tuft bits on the base, a great use for the needlessly massive ones army painter and GW insist on giving you so many of. I'm going to try and speed paint number three, painting the under armour and the armour plates seperately. Of course I might get distracted and just do something else... but that's the plan!

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