Tuesday, 24 May 2016

3000pts game with my three imperial knights!

It will probably be the only time I get to stick down all three of these at once for along time and it was the first time I had all three painted to be able to so this was quite exciting. I may have got a bit 'pre battle' picture excited and then failed to take any more pictures as the game went on.

My opponents were two friends playing allied eldar and harlequins. They took a knight too, but a much better eldar one. That for some reason costs way less points. GW sort your rule books out for goodness sakes!

Their view.

My view.

Definitely better to be behind these guys.

The three big boys in formation.

Turn 1 saw me kill a viper and assorted harlequins, almost a whole guardian squad and glance a prism tank, limited somewhat by nightfighting. I lost my vindicator and a knight to a charging eldar knight.

My remaining knights charged the single eldar knight and one survived to remove it from play. (its worth mentioning if my opponent has split its attacks he'd have killed both, eldar knights are needlessly amazing.)
Then I forgot to take anymore photos... whoops. The eldar army spent the next few turns concentrating on removing my knight from play. I went for his prism tanks but left on a single hullpoint and cleaned up two squads of firedragons in vipers alongside the last guardians and a harlequin squad.
The game finished early on turn 5 with both sides on 9KP's, we had decided to use no other win conditions because sometimes its just fun to smash face. A well earned draw for everyone involved and great fun was had by all. Probably particularly me as I got to enjoy that freshly painted models on the table moment.

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