Tuesday, 26 January 2016

30K Calth and FW bits Kit bashing.

I started on the calth plastics and mass of random resin I've gathered in preparation for blood angels legion building. My first batch of 20 is stuck, along with the contemptor which I cut to pieces before sticking back together in order to give it a less static pose more like that of the resin FW ones.

They contain bits from calth, palatine blades, FW MKIV legion assault marines, Ultramarine, Blood angels, Sons of horus headsets. They need some sand, helmets, rocks and other basing bits before being sprayed.

I popped some bits together to look like a Sons of Horus Reaver having been shot up and about to be trampled. I need to check the rules, perhaps I need to get one of the resin missile launchers, maybe a terminator launcher will do?

When I've got a little time these will be getting based and batch airbrush based.

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