Saturday, 20 February 2016

Blood Angels Ven Dreadnaught

This has been looking at me for the last 6 or so years wondering when I'm going to show it some love. So I did! I'd bought it off ebay with a base coat and highlight done and I'd shaded it then put i aside. I did a bit of various weathering effects all over to break up the red and did some details and based. The eyes look a bit over the top straight on but fine on the tabletop. Niggley details were what I wanted to avoid and enjoyed painting something different to tactical marines.

Contrasting green seals to help the red look bright and break it up with the other details in neural colours.

Filthy exhausts!

Slightly lazy on the skulls I admit.

I was quite pleased with all the scratch effects.

A Stormbird's eye view.

A bit of base, I'm not sure all my bases colours are quite matching at the moment, its something I need to work on a little!

I'm quite excited to get onto my Calth Dread now! Hope you like him!

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