Thursday, 21 January 2016

Blood angels 30k Legion progress group shot

I often forget to take pictures of things as I go, most notably when I'm painting to take things to a friend's place for a game where my painted blood angels tend to live as he very decently uses his flat like a gaming club for us. This unfortunately means when I remember I meant to take a picture of my guys, they're not always with me! So I thought I'd pop up a group shot of all my heresy area marines so far:

I've got a mix of FW Iron, Heresy and Maximus armour. As well as a couple of Corvus chapter masters.

The MKIV guys were done before the legion shoulder pads were released so I've gone with the old freehand and a few metal 40K BA pads.

I need to start better planning on my weapons, hopefully they give us inferno pistols as I've stuck a guy with one.

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