Monday, 11 January 2016

GW Airbrush paints basing 30K Blood Angels

Just a quick post about the new (ish) GW Airbrush paints. I was pretty thrilled to see these come out as being able to colour match my guys and tanks using a brush or spray is great, I've previously used mephiston red spray but its a bit pricey and army painters dragon red slightly less if still pricey but dusty sprays to base my guys and then built up with paler reds to give the desired finish which has left me with a few different looks to my marines. Being able to spray on an undercoat, then the next two layers of red from a zenith to leave shadows ready to shade, highlight, weather and detail would save so much time! In fact I also went for airbrushing the bases to minimize time I'd have to spend on that too!

As you can see I was starting off with a mish mash of previously painted off ebay guys and some new fw suff with my normal kit bash mix of resin/plastic. I airbrushed on the black undercoat in vallejo black and then went in with the reds. Mephiston and then evil sunz scarlet.

The general coverage of the models was nice with good control, no blocking and spattering and a good even coat applied, without being too thick, straight from the pot. (Without a dripper pot I used a printer ink syringe to fill up the airbrush hopper on the go so I didn't have to stop mid way, this makes them trickier to use but then at the end you can put any excess paint back in the pot. So good and bad.)
The flow of the paint didn't cause any issues in coverage of the models but it did seem to clog up the airbrush quicker than a vallejo paint usually would. I find I periodically have to stop and clean my airbrush whatever paints I'm using, with these GW paints it was a little more often than with the Vallejo or MIG I've used before. Perhaps a less finely ground pigment issue?) Either way this wasn't a big deal other than it taking a little longer to get the batch finished. (Still alot less time than one by one using a brush mind!)

I went back and did the bases with browns another day, although I forgot to take a picture, sadly I didn't finish all my batch of Iron armour guys as I ran out of black undercoat! Doh! Still I got enough done to keep me going for awhile. I never finish anything I seem to start at the moment anyway so we will see how many I can get done before I distract myself again!

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