Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Storm of Magic Tomb Kings Empire Allies, Finecast Rant

Storm of Magic looks cool, I love taking too many mages in every army I play, from not being able to pick my lore in Empire to Goblin Shaman spam and Liche Priest saturation, so this expansion is right up my street. The monsters and the terrain looks sweet and I will probably end up buying ALL of them (minus perhaps t6he manticore as I have an old Dark Elf one). Also tweeking my attention is the any army can ally with Daemons or either undead. COOL. So this seems like a great opportunity to whack out my old tomb kings for you:

These guys were my Liche priests and High Priest:

This was my Tomb King/ Tomb Prince with dubious GS work including the snake:

Last but not least I had added for fun some dead empire troops so I could add some crazy colours and generally enjoy a bit of kit bashing and poor GS work:

The game has changed significantly since the last edition as well as a brand spanking new awesome Tomb Kings book (,which I love except for the cover!) I plan to expand my units to around 35 skellies each and I've bought some Lahamian Vampires to act as liche priests. (I've always hated the Priest models and this hasn't changed, the new one while cool just looks wrong to me.) As part of that Idea I've knocked out a few more trusty Empire undead, simply kit bashed from the new models:

Next Up are my necrotects, I bought two as they're a snap at just 60pts and I had a plan once I'd seen the model; that being the awesome marble mask at his belt. Well I like the models face alot too so I went for two models and then on one carved off the mask and with a little GS work sorted out one wearing it. The model is on a (left over) GS rock that seems a little tall so I'll work out something for his other foot to stand on so he's less lop sided!

Hear is a quick shot of my necrotects with their new best buddy the empire captain, which brings me onto a bit of a finecast rant after the pic:

The above mask conversion would have been next to impossible on a metal model, in fact the necrotect model would be a royal pain with that whip arm constantly falling off and unbalancing it before perhaps snapping off after bending into and out of shape one too many times BUT I've opened 5 finecast mdoels and 4 of them have had casting bubbles. both necrotects had a bubble on their whip arm, one on the wrist guard you can see the GS cover up and the other closer to the end of the arm which also took off part of the hanging bandage (which I also fixed, sorry not to have a pic of that). The Empire captain is perfect, go buy one! But Ludwig schwarzhelms cherub has a bubble in the top of his banner cherub's head and the cherubs spikey headband is issing its front skipes. Kurt Helborg is missing half his sword guard. Both have horses in two halves which will require trimming/ drilling as the pins are too large and holes are full. This is piss poor frankly and I will be exchanging these models. I was really looking forward to finecast and am feeling rather let down at the moment. Some GS work was always required on certain metal models to fill gaps or patch up stupidly placed tags but nothing that required actual skill to fix like this, on a bad model this could take ages or even be impossible to fix. There's no point in crisp detail if there are blooming great holes in it!

Rant Over.

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