Wednesday, 1 June 2011

IG Vendetta complete.

So heres the completed vendetta from my weathering tutorial. The one I went and called a Valkyrie. Whoops. I finished it off by doing a bit more work on the jaws and replicating the weathering all over it. I painted the engines with a shade of green for the exposed metal, shade of devland mud for the greasy bit and washes of red and blue for the heat damaged engine ends. I weathering powdered the engines with verdigris and oil and the landing pads with rust.

I wanted to do something with the HUGE base space so copied a vast number of people in making a small building using the cities of death kit (plus if you want to be a cheese monger you can use it to block LOS, thanks true LOS rules! Sigh). N.B. If your going to flock this then make sure you leave a space for the clear plastic stand (or attach it, but then you have to be really really careful not to paint it!) I wanted the base to be worth looking at but not distract from the model so I kept it in line with the pale dusty browns of my standard basing and a bone coloured building to boot. I then painted all the rocks with charandon granite and then adeptus battlegrey for contrast and washed some darker browns and greys into the base in crevices and at random to break up the ground colour and ad a bit more depth than would be necessary on a 20-25mm scale. I finally used GW dead grass flock, army painter highland tuft 6mm and army painter autumn underground(tiny tiny bits of this) to fill and break up the remaining space.

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