Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Step by step sternguard with Zenith Highlights Pt 2.

Heres the next few steps on my Sternguard vets for the Fallen Princes Squad Competition:

I'm finding it quite tricky remembering to stop and do pics step by step so I realise pic 1 is of a different 5 guys to the other pics :P (I am doing all 10 though!). I want to take these guys through my standard painting steps so they still tie in with my army while still trying to keep the zenith effect in mind at all times:

First up was to layer some thinned down Blood Red onto the lighter edges. By keeping it thin I could go over the shading a little and not worry or help to blend the colours. Then I went back over with thinned down 50/50 macharius solar orange/blood red covering less of the light portions of the armour and layering again where light would fall:

Next was to line highlight up with vermin brown (you can see I started to block out chaos black and stopped for a pic!)

Here I block out more of the base colours on the model:

Then I begin to layer up these details. Using lighter highlights towards the top of the model and darker washes for the lower areas of shade:

Here are some none-too-fantastic shots of each of these 5 models, hopefully you can see how the areas of shade have been developed and become increasingly clear as the other details on the model emerge:

Finally if you have a few minutes spare and want to check out new blogs here's a great site of blogrolls of all kinds of mini war gaming and modelling:

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  1. I'm really digging the technique so far but I'm excited to see the unit when it's finished.