Tuesday, 7 June 2011

BA 1k list

Heres my current 1kpts list, I could do with converting the razorbacks to 2xplasma-lascannons but haven't got round to it! I weathered up all the transports more to go with my more recent painting style.

The list is:

Librarian, shield and rage


Tactical squad: powerfist, meltagun, multi melta, rhino.

Tactical Squad: meltagun, multi melta, rhino.

Assault Squad: meltagun, powerfist, razorback (twin las)

Assault Squad: flamer, powerfist, razorback (twin las)

(I just noticed an assault squad sarge is missing in the pic. Whoops!)


  1. Looking good man, really good!

    I like the list as well. You'd have to be a bit careful though as while you have the lascannons, I guess you don't have much threat range beyond 12-24". Not so bad as you have fast tanks!

    Are the lib and the priest in with each of the assault squads?


  2. Thanks mate, yeah long range firepower is a wee bit poor but hopefully I can run around the mid field in fast vehicles, soften people up then assault. Hopefully I won't meet too much IG melta spam! at 1500pts I add three Auto-Las Preds, which helps.

    Yeah they each ride with an assault squad. At the mo I've got the lib in the flamer squad but I'm not sure it makes alot of difference.