Friday, 30 April 2010

Blood angels colour schemes, Dark or Light?

So i know that i want to paint up a blood angels army, ive got a whole bunch of older space marine models just waiting for conversion/assembly/painting and itl give me a rest from regimented Praetorian colours once in a while, but then the dilema, what colours to use:

Candidate One:

This is Mechrite red, heavy washed with Thraka Green, then highlighted with mechrite red, and then blood red. This will also tie in nicely with the one unit of flesh tearers ill do (to acompany seth: awesome model!).

Candidate Two:

This is Mechrite red, shaded with Leviathan purple, then highlighted with blood red and then solar mach orange. This is a very bright over the top colour scheme. It takes a little longer but could be very impressive when the armies done.


  1. I like Candidate Two. However, being you already have Praetorians, you might be looking for a break from bright colors.

  2. Two looks groovier in my opinion

  3. Thanks for your thoughts guys, your 100% right Kevin, but after some thought I think i agree with you both, particularly next to my single flesh tearers squad i think that number one might look a bit plain. Number two it is: bright cartoony colours strike again!