Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Text only Update

Busy week at work, so ive not managed to get a whole lot in, ive been working on a praetorian commander model. I love the origional leiutenant model, but his equipment is less than ideal so i found a 2nd edition upgrade sprue plasma pistol to fit him up with, and sculpted a 'guard-powerfist. My picture of a guard army should be a literal mountain of men, ogryns and tanks with a commander at the top yelling orders (or RAAARGH!) so the models pose really suited that and i wanted to use him, even if cutting up a praetorian model is a little upsetting. There will be some pics of him later in the week.
Ive also done some plasma and melta gunners for forthcoming vet. squads. These are largely the running figure whose holding his weapon shouldered on the right in one arm. This made the easiest weapon swap as its literally cutting off the lasgun and adding the special weapon to the shoulder guard thats left. Again pics to come!

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