Saturday, 13 February 2010

Starting a blog

Inspired by such great blogs as that by Colonel Gravis, i decided to create one of my own. This would also help me stick to my modelling resolutions and keep track of what progress i actually make on my armies over time, hopefully meaning i dont end up leaving quite so many projects on the sideline half-finished.

Over the next couple of days i'll add some pics of various units I've finished or am working on for my imperial guard Praetorian army. Any feedback or advice on flavour/modelling/painting is more than welcome (critique rather than flaming tho please!).

First to come up will be my first completed guard squad, my ratlings and then the work in progress that is praetorian ogryns.

Until ive got pictures of those, heres some pics of a white scars squad i did while making up my mind what army to collect for 40k.

Four of the squad had running legs made from Khorne B's with the chaos details removed. The sargent is a cloak dark angel vet model.


  1. Wow, WhiteScars! You never see anybody painting these guys! Nice job :D

  2. Thanks mate, honestly i was going to do a full army, but having painted just these guys up (starting with a black undercoat) i gave up in favor of something i could paint up fast enough to actually get an army done.