Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Mechanicum building for red planet board finished!

I decided the building needed more detail to break up the red, but didn't want it just to be a wall of silver instead. So as well as picking out a minority of details in silver I went for the mechanicum symbols to really pull the eye around. For some reason when sticking this I'd only used their tiles on one side... I suppose I should have thought through the painting when building hey? Next time eh?
The mechanicum symbol classically has the white band on the left and the black on the right with the skull on the right and the metals on the left. For some reason this was inverted in the building kit. Ah well. It took several layers of carefully painted white to build up to a clean colour over the red. The black just required neatness. I didn't do any shades or highlights as I didn't want either colour to end up looking grey or blue or something other than a mechanical ying yang! 

Here's a shot of the building, sorry about the random shadows from my blinds but the light was too strong to take a photo without them!

Here's the admech symbol free side, its a little blander but the extra grey from the interior seems to help a bit. You can also better see here where I've gone over all the red with a drybrush of kindleflame to show up the details.

Here's what is complete so far. The three realm of battle tiles and the repainted forgeworld tile and my two area terrain pieces. I've since repainted the Forgeworld tile as when laid out like this there was a glaring colour match fail. It is now more in line with the other boards. Pics to follow later. I noticed that the building had good orange-brown tones on the roof shadows but in painting I'd obscured the shading near the base and it didn't blend so well with the board, given I knew what I was painting it for I thought I'd better correct it. I just used a spray catching the edge of the building in the oxide red and leather brown colours that make up the board surface. I didn't use bone as I felt this might overcook the effect and draw the eye away from the building.

Here it is with that final spray and also sitting on a board section to show it on the board as it will be in games. Hope you like it!


  1. That Ad-Mech symbol really does just make the detail pop.
    I have a whole bunch of the 40k buildings to build. I'm just waiting for the drive to get on with it.
    Can't wait to see the updated pics with the colour matched board. I'm really enjoying watching this board come together :)

  2. I was very happy how the symbol came out actually thanks!
    Thanks for sticking with it, helps to know I'm not alone grinding at getting this thing done! The match is a bit better now, need to get some pics taken when theres some light!