Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Vindicare WIP

Just painting this chap up following the white dwarf paint splatter article. I must say the Execution force box game assassin models are really wonderful. Even if I wish the vindicare was aiming his rifle at something so I can point him at stuff and say 'Pew pew'. Simple pleasures. I'm aiming to get all four painted up to be able to pick and choose for our escalation campaign we've just begun (More on that to follow).
Really just this guys gun and base to do. I'm most looking forward to painting the Eversor.. he's running on a wall... ON A WALL!


  1. That's some well done black and white - two tricky to paint things.

    1. Thanks Dave! His ridiculously ripped muscles make the black oversuit pretty easy to paint with just line highlights although I admit to it taking me some time and needing some clean up with the black again to make sure lines hadn't got too thick! White... I hate white.